Saturday, October 22, 2016

Travel to NE post 5

I have enjoyed Rockport before on visits, and this time was no exception. Lots of nice shops (yes that's what I do when I travel, go into lots of shops looking for display ideas and to see what the next big trend is).

Then on a whim I decided to drive out to Provincetown, haven't been there since about 1980. Really hasn't changed much. Love the drive along 6A.

I stopped at a little gallery that had funky sculpture outside. Turns out all the work was by sculptor Alfred Glover.

From there I drove to Mystic, CT, and stopped at the museum. I didn't go through, I had done that another time, but did look around a little bit.

Then I ran across the BF Clyde Cider Mill, circa 1881 the oldest steam powered cider mill in the country.
 It was very interesting and had a great shop where you could buy the cider (delicious), wine, donuts and more.

I spent that night back in Morristown. The next day headed down the Eastern Shore.

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