Saturday, October 08, 2016

Slow Blogging and Travel Part 1

Most of you know why my blogging schedule is out of whack, I'm trying to regain some normalcy.

I just returned from a trip to the northeast. The longest road trip I've taken by myself in years. I love seeing new sights, it recharges my creativity.

I also worked on a journal of this trip with sketches, I don't have it quite finished yet but when I do I'll post some of it.

I started out spending a few days in the Northern Neck of Virginia. In the past I only zoomed through. Some of the towns I visited were Gloucester Courthouse, Saluda, Urbana and Williamsburg.

The area is beautiful with lots of small towns and water.

My favorite was Gloucester's Colonial Courthouse Circle. Here is a link to a walking tour of it.

It's like a tiny village in a town square.

 While I didn't tour Williamsburg (have done that before), I did walk through it. My favorite part was the garden with fences and plant supports made from twigs.

I'll be back to do some more touring in this area, beautiful!

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