Saturday, April 30, 2011

Provence Revisited New Paintings by Jude Lobe

We met Jude last summer and have a piece in our own personal collection. We're pleased to have her as our featured artist for May and June. The show is now up and you'll get a chance to meet Jude on May 13, 2011 from 5-8 pm during our May ArtWalk.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the paintings in her show.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Funky glass jewelry

Another artist from the Carolinas is now represented at Carolina Creations, flower necklaces, belts, earrings and hairpins made from fused glass - jewelry by Toni Chirico. VERY cute!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stitching post cards

We discovered these wonderful stitching postcards, that come with a needle and thread to stitch a route, memory or invitation. Using the thread you stitch your trip on the card.

Available for the World, US, italy, France, Europe, UK $5 each.


To purchase click here.

Notice New Bern is on the card!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In Your Easter Basket

We have some great ideas for Easter Baskets!

Tiny glass animals by Thomas von Koch. They are amazing, most are no larger than 3/8" long! Thomas uses a magnifying glass when he makes them!

Soft sculpture rabbits by Susanne Coatta, each an original.

Felted soap - look like Easter eggs and smell heavenly!

Cupcake bubble bath, makes mounds of bubbles just like in the movies.
Tiny ceramic trays, each one of a kind

New Bern peace sign magnets

Clever fish in a bag soap
These are just a few of the ideas we have for your basket. We also have great cards, including the favorite popups!!

And we WILL be open on Easter. Sometimes people ask us why.... we have so many people visiting their families and part of their visit is they want to come Downtown. They are always THRILLED that some of us are open.

It's not about the shopping, it's about coming home, seeing friends, seeing how our Downtown has turned around and how beautiful it is. Kids play in Christ Church playground, they throw pennies in the fountain, have their photos taken with the bears in Bear Plaza, try to find all the Bear Town Bears, sit in First Baptists garden and come in and say hi and "We are so glad you are open!"

Michael and I will work that day giving our Donnas the day off. We celebrate our Easter earlier in the day. Our hours that day (and every Sunday) are 11-4.

Jan Francoeur

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tiles of Homes on our Home and Garden tour

Every year I do tiles of the homes on the Home and Garden Tour. Here are a few of this years!

I can do your home on a tile as well! Just email me for information by clicking here.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Outer Banks Artist Antoinette Mattingly now at Carolina Creations

Welcome to our new North Carolina artist Antoinette Mattingly!

  Each wall hanging is hand made from an original mold that I create. Some molds are made using a clay sculpture but most are created from original items that I find in nature like flowers, bugs, fish and shells. I hand press each piece of work using a low fire clay. In this step, especially for the tiles, the focus is on texture. 

You will find seams where slabs of clay come together and a rolled, crusty edge to frame the picture. I then layer many underglaze colors (this is where the secret magic lies) and follow up with a lead free clear glaze before firing for the last time. All this lends to the somewhat distressed texture, vibrant color and very individual look of each tile and ornament. The tiles are then finished with a strong wire hanger on the back and the ornaments are hangered with hemp twine. Each tile and ornament is signed on the back. 

To see sizes and prices visit our website by clicking here.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Two more paintings for Provence Revisited Jude Lobe

This is going to be a great show!

May 1 - June 30

Opening during ArtWalk, May 13 5-8 pm

We have one of her pieces in our own collection and LOVE it.

Don't be deceived by these photos, these are rather large paintings.

At the ArtWalk opening you'll not only be able to meet the artist but you'll also hear Jude's friends, Mebansville, play.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Show in Carrboro

I just finished 3 more paintings for my Carrboro Show.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Moon over City Hall

Interesting moon over City Hall tonight!

Lookin' out my backdoor.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Annette Libby pottery now at Carolina Creations

Artist Annette Libby was born in Germany and grew up north of Frankfurt am Main.

She married and moved to Virginia Beach, VA. 26 years ago, then again to North Carolina.

Her love for nature is reflected in her work. She has always been fascinated by the fact that one can turn a moist and moldable piece of clay into something completely permanent just by introducing heat.

Annette began experimenting with clay and those materials she found in nature. Walks through the forests close to her home have given her the inspiration to create these unique pieces of art.

Annette's pottery is formed by hand using clay slabs. She shapes her forms using a variety of molds Once dried all pieces are bisque fired, hand glazed and fired once again in a electric kiln. She also started to explore to a greater extend the raku firing process in which the piece is first glazed and then fired in a gas kiln to a temperature of approximately 1600-1800 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the glaze used. It is then placed in a reduction chamber, in her case a metal trashcan containing newspaper. Once the paper ignites, the lid is placed on the trashcan which extinguishes the flames and the piece is allowed to cool. She frequently likes using a type of glaze that produces gorgeous metallic effects.

Today, Annette is a well recognized artist in North Carolina and her unique pieces of art embellish homes not only in the US but around the globe.

To see more of Annettes work click here!

- Janet Francoeur