Sunday, April 10, 2011

Outer Banks Artist Antoinette Mattingly now at Carolina Creations

Welcome to our new North Carolina artist Antoinette Mattingly!

  Each wall hanging is hand made from an original mold that I create. Some molds are made using a clay sculpture but most are created from original items that I find in nature like flowers, bugs, fish and shells. I hand press each piece of work using a low fire clay. In this step, especially for the tiles, the focus is on texture. 

You will find seams where slabs of clay come together and a rolled, crusty edge to frame the picture. I then layer many underglaze colors (this is where the secret magic lies) and follow up with a lead free clear glaze before firing for the last time. All this lends to the somewhat distressed texture, vibrant color and very individual look of each tile and ornament. The tiles are then finished with a strong wire hanger on the back and the ornaments are hangered with hemp twine. Each tile and ornament is signed on the back. 

To see sizes and prices visit our website by clicking here.

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