Thursday, January 26, 2017

When I See Pelicans I know It is February

It's interesting to me that the only time we see Pelicans in New Bern is late January and February - I've not found the reason why.
It could be that a certain fish they like come upriver at that time - or the wind isn't as strong as it is on the beach - I don't know! But I don't need to see a calendar, when they show up I know what time of year it is. 
I've always loved Pelicans and we usually have some artwork at Carolina Creations that features them. Here are a few pieces.

About the Brown Pelican from the Audubon Society website
The Brown Pelican is an unmistakable coastal bird, with its distinctive pouch, striking coloration, and enormous wingspan of over 6.5 feet. You’ll often see them gliding over waves at the beach or plunging headfirst into the water from heights of up to 60 feet. These spectacular dives are how Brown Pelicans capture their prey, which is schooling fish such as menhaden. There is a tale that pelicans go blind from the impact of diving, but there is no truth to that myth.
In North Carolina, Brown Pelicans are found in coastal marine and estuarine waters. Most migrate south for the winter, but small numbers remain year-round, though severe cold snaps result in frostbite to their webbed feet and pouches. They can be found nesting in the Cape Fear River, and in Pamlico and Bogue Sounds on small islands where they are relatively safe from disturbance and predation. 
Pelicans were first recorded breeding in North Carolina in 1929 on Royal Shoal, one of the state’s first Audubon sanctuaries, and from those 14 pairs the population grew to more than 100 pairs nesting around Ocracoke Inlet on islands Audubon still protects today. The pesticide DDT compromised many species’ eggs, including Brown Pelicans’, decreasing populations throughout its range and landing them on the endangered species list. Following the ban of DDT in 1972, Brown Pelicans became a conservation success story, with North Carolina populations exceeding historic levels and expanding to islands in the Cape Fear River. Today 4,000-5,000 pairs nest in North Carolina. 
Though DDT is no longer a threat, Brown Pelicans are still affected by human disturbance at nesting sites, as well as by oil spills, other contaminants and injuries from fishing gear. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commissionand Audubon North Carolina monitor and protect Brown Pelicans nesting sites. About half of the state’s Brown Pelicans nest on Audubon’s islands.
Important Bird Areas (IBAs) designate areas that are critical to bird populations in North Carolina. The following IBAs are important to Brown Pelicans, either as nesting sites or foraging areas. Sites with an asterisk indicate an Audubon-managed site. 
  • Beacon Island*
  • DOT Island
  • Ferry Slip Island*
  • New Dump Island
  • North Pelican Island*
  • Old House Channel, Island MN
  • Onslow Bay
  • Outer Banks, Inshore Ocean
  • South Pelican Island*
Audubon North Carolina’s staff and volunteers are working to protect Brown Pelicans in North Carolina. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Vanessa Gilbert Jewelry

Art By Any Means jewelry is designed by Vanessa Gilbert and hand crafted by local townspeople.  

Each year she offers two distinct collections, making each piece unique and only available for a limited time.  
 Art by Any Means

 Art by Any Means

 Art by Any Means

Gilbert hand-selects an array of crystals and gemstones including smokey quartz, carnelian, lapis, cape amethyst, and dravite tourmaline to form her beautiful designs.

I'm always excited to see what she's come up with! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Home and Garden Tour

Every year for ten years or so I've done a painting of one of the homes on the tour for the poster. Here is this years along with photos of it in progress.

The tour is April 7 and 8, 2017. We will have our usual reception for the public and for the tour participants on Friday night, April 7, from 5-8 pm. We serve refreshments and I'll be there with prints of the home tour art.
Here is a link to the Historical Society with more information about the tour.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Things to Do in New Bern North Carolina

We love our little town, it's beautiful, friendly, and it gets into your blood.

Here is a list I compiled today of things to do, there are many more....

1. Shop at Carolina Creations, 317 Pollock St. or the website.
2. Lots of other shopping and restaurants in our downtown.
3. Visit Tryon Palace.
4. New Bern Fireman's Museum.
5. Walk the Waterfront.
6. Listen to music at several places. My favorite is at the DoubleTree Jazz on the Deck in the summer months.
7. Go kayaking, I put in 100 feet from my house!
8. Hike the Croatan.
9. Visit the Battlefield Park.
10. Go to the Farmers Market on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
11. See the Canterbury Christmas Lights in December.
12. Go the the lighting of the New Bern Christmas tree in the round a bout to kick off the Christmas Season.
13. Participate in the Beary Merry Christmas in Downtown New Bern, Thanksgiving through Christmas.
14. Go to the Annual Sunday Jazz Showcase sponsored by the Craven Arts Council.
15. Annual Antique show to support historical preservation.
16. BBQ in Blue Jeans to raise funds for the Fireman's Museum.
17.  Historic Home and Garden Tour I do the artwork for this each year!
18.  Have fun at  MumFest sponsored by Swiss Bear and the City of New Bern
19. The 2nd Friday of each month see what's new on the art scene 5-8 pm ArtWalk!
20. Carolina Chamber Music Festival.
21. Empty Bowl Project sponsored by the Craven Arts Council.
22. Annual Valentine Card Show and Sale sponsored by Carolina Creations.
23. Hear the NC Symphony in New Bern.
24. Boat Parade in December.
25. Christmas Parade
26. Cookie Walk at Christ Church
27. Kitchen Tour to benefit the Food Bank
28. Drive Through Nativity
29. Neuse River Bridge Run
30. Fourth of July Celebration
31. OctoberFest
32. GhostWalk sponsored by New Bern Historical Society.
33. New Bern Civic Theatre
34. New Bern Academy Museum
35. Walking Tours

This is the short list!!   Come visit.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year

“We spend January 1st walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives...not looking for flaws, but for potential.” 
― Ellen Goodman

2016 was trying in many ways, but there was joy and thankfulness as well. As we look at the blank pages of 2017 we are hoping for peace, new beginnings, friends and family to become closer,  lots of inspiration and time to act on it.