Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In Your Easter Basket

We have some great ideas for Easter Baskets!

Tiny glass animals by Thomas von Koch. They are amazing, most are no larger than 3/8" long! Thomas uses a magnifying glass when he makes them!

Soft sculpture rabbits by Susanne Coatta, each an original.

Felted soap - look like Easter eggs and smell heavenly!

Cupcake bubble bath, makes mounds of bubbles just like in the movies.
Tiny ceramic trays, each one of a kind

New Bern peace sign magnets

Clever fish in a bag soap
These are just a few of the ideas we have for your basket. We also have great cards, including the favorite popups!!

And we WILL be open on Easter. Sometimes people ask us why.... we have so many people visiting their families and part of their visit is they want to come Downtown. They are always THRILLED that some of us are open.

It's not about the shopping, it's about coming home, seeing friends, seeing how our Downtown has turned around and how beautiful it is. Kids play in Christ Church playground, they throw pennies in the fountain, have their photos taken with the bears in Bear Plaza, try to find all the Bear Town Bears, sit in First Baptists garden and come in and say hi and "We are so glad you are open!"

Michael and I will work that day giving our Donnas the day off. We celebrate our Easter earlier in the day. Our hours that day (and every Sunday) are 11-4.

Jan Francoeur

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