Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Travel to NE last installment

I started down the Eastern Shore and I wanted to stay in St Michaels or Easton, I knew there were no places to camp but I was going to stay in a hotel. Not. An Iron Man Competition was going on, the place was packed and every hotel room taken. I did not even stop to go into any shops. Ended up staying in Salisbury. They have the potential to have a really nice downtown, it's just not there yet.

As I was wandering around town I caught some pottery I recognized out of the corner of my eye in a shop window. I stopped and went in and there was Dana Simpson.

We met years ago and we used to sell her work. She has since scaled back her operation and sells mostly out of her own shop. We had a great conversation and she gave me this card when I told her about Michael and my trip. Seeing her took the disappointment of St Michaels away.

Knowing I was nearing the end of my trip I wondered if I should just head home that night then decided no, I didn't want it to end with the disappointment of St Michaels. I knew there was a campground near the Bay Bridge Tunnel. On the way I visited Crisfield and Chinnoteague, wasn't too impressed with either and was a little let down.

Just before I got to the campground I saw a sign for an RV resort so I thought I'd check it out. Wow! The Cherry Stone Campground and RV Resort. I had the perfect spot on the water. The campground had about 200 rvs in it but there was no one around me. It was beautiful and I kept thinking Michael would love this.

It was the perfect ending to a great trip, wish you were here Michael.

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