Friday, October 14, 2016

Travel to NE Part 3

The drive up the western side of Connecticut and Massachusetts was beautiful, passing through many small towns on Hwy 7.

There was a rest area with lots of cairns! I've never seen that before in a rest area.

Some of my favorite towns were Kent, Stockbridge, and Pittsfield.

A few sights along the way.

Everywhere I looked there were sunflowers - everywhere I looked! Next year I'll have some in my yard.

I've always wanted to go to North Adams since potter friends of ours told use years ago that they were turning the mills there into studios with living space above. Then Mass MoCA opened in 1999, 16 acres of grounds in the Downtown, nearly one-third of the business district! The museum is housed in a complex of 19th century mill buildings and is the largest art museum in the country. So forward thinking for this small town of 14,000.

I enjoyed the museum, a lot of the art was a little too far out for me but a couple of the installations I loved.

Like this one that shows the history of the earth since the big bang.

And these drawings, very interesting.

The Downtown shopping district wasn't that great so I went to Williamstown. The highlight of that town is the Clark Museum. I'm seldom blown away by art museums but this one I was. I loved everything about it, so well done. They have a fabulous collection of Impressionist paintings, all collected by Sterling (b 1877 and and heir to the Singer sewing machine fortune) and Francine Clark.

Even the gift shop was beautiful, each display curated and displayed by color. Every piece having some connection to the museum.

From there I drove the Mohawk Trail through the mountains to Shelburne Falls- next post.

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