Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taking a break (no pun intended)

Since breaking my ankle a couple weeks ago I've spent a lot of time on my back working on my computer and thinking about business. My laptop is my lifeline! I've been out to go to the hospital, doctor and one day we went to the gallery early, I was there long enough to know that it would be disruptive for me to be there when we are open.

For one thing I have to have my leg up all the time or it aches and swells, I can only sit in the wheelchair so long before I have to get out of it. I am determined to follow the doctors instructions since I don't want to take any chances that it won't heal properly.

So I've been laying here emailing family, friends and business associates from across the country, doing my bookwork and working on our website.

I was worried about not finding any new Christmas ornaments for Christmas - well I've found some really great ones!

We'll have our usual wonderful collection of
- blown glass ornaments by various glass blowers but new this year will be
- porcelain snowflake ornaments
- gold and silver plated leaf ornaments
- gold and silver dog bone ornaments
- can ornaments filled with seeds
- shell ornaments
and of course my new New Bern ornament - to be revealed in an upcoming blog post.

You might ask how can we be thinking about Christmas when it is 90 degrees out. Well to be honest we start thinking about Christmas in the spring.

Our Downtown Christmas committee has been meeting since March and once again we are going to have a wonderful Dickens of a Christmas!

Between now and then we have our ArtWalk in September with featured artist Elaine O'Neill, American Craft Week in October with demonstrations every day, November ArtWalk with featured artist Pat Holscher, our Christmas Open House the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, then an exciting month of getting everyone prepared for Christmas.

So I guess I can't really say I've been taking a break, just taking a break from being in the gallery. But it is in good hands with Lou, Donna, Donna, Michael and Lori!

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