Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Irene Downtown New Bern Facebook Page

Since I am incapacitated I feel helpless with so many people needing help to recover from the hurricane. I am doing what I can, sitting here in my home.

For a couple years I have been maintaining a Downtown New Bern Facebook Page. On this page I generally post special events going on in Downtown New Bern. Well since the hurricane people have been asking questions about where to get help, whats going on, and so on.

So I've been passing on any information I have, mostly concentrating on Downtown New Bern but when I do know something about an outlying area I am posting that too.

Wish I could be out there delivering food or shoveling. I'm so sorry I can't!

Here is a link to our Downtown Facebook Page, don't know if you need to be "on" Facebook to see it or if anyone can.

Jan Francoeur

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