Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday after Irene

Finally! Got a good nights sleep Saturday night, woke up to a Sunny crisp day. That is the only good thing about a Hurricane is when it blows out it leaves clean, cool, dry air!

This morning no telephone, internet, tv, cell phone weird. Limited service, very spotty. Could text but could not call. Finally about 6 pm tv, phone, internet came back on and cell is a little better.

Many surrounding areas still without electricity.

Many, many, many trees down, my friends house across the river burned down saturday because the road was flooded and blocked by downed trees so fire department could not get there. The were marooned and had to use a skiff to row to the neighbors.

Many neighborhoods without power, probably for several more days because of the number of trees and lines down.  That is what we love about living Downtown, we usually don't lose power but if we do we usually get it back quickly, helps to be 1 block from City Hall. Flooding all along the river. We are just lucky that the wind was not higher.

Feel very fortunate that our home and business was not damaged. Our thoughts are with those that did not fare so well.

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