Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Saturday

Thia i our corner taken from our 2nd floor
this is the corner of pollock & e front
NOT a river!
Went to be early (for me) at 10 pm last night hoping to get some sleep. Wind started picking up a little at 11:30 so then couldn't go back to sleep. The water is coming up our street from the river. We knew it would and have seen it before but it's still disconcerting, especially that early in the approaching hurricane.

We have lived on our corner since 1993 and have seen the water over the corner of Pollock and East Front many times, say probably 7 times. We have only seen it really high once before, during Bertha and the leading edge of the water on Pollock Street was at the Harmony House. We have seen photos of a boat at City Hall. Hoping and praying it doesn't get that high this time. During Bertha once the wind shifted it was like flushing a toilet, whoosh and it went away just like that.

1:20 am, the wind and rain is coming in waves.
Another hurricane, don't remember which one when the wind shifted it sucked all of the water out of the Neuse at New Bern, the only place there was water was in the channel. Very odd.
1:42 50 mph gusts right now, not looking forward to 75.
2:17 arghhhh can't sleep

That's the Pollock St Deli, notice water in front
Water is almost to the intersection of Pollock and E Front
3 am it's higher!!
6:30 water within 1 foot of our front door.
9 am the water is going out some!!
9:30 still in western eyewall, 74 mph winds sustained.
10:20 still blowing pretty good
Hopefully the water won't come back up, it shouldn't, it got as high on Pollock Street as the Meadows Inn, that was the leading edge.

Blew the entire day.

A little higher, yikes!

Looking across the street at
Persimmons surrounded by water

Yet to the south the street is dry, just a little bit higher

Our Corner!
Had internet cell, tv, and phone all night until 9 am. Then everything went out. The storm continued and was actually worse until about 6 pm

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