Sunday, August 14, 2011

Slow Blogging Fessing Up

I haven't posted in a while because it has been an interesting week.

Last Sunday, August 8, I was having a fabulous ride on my bike when, crash, I hit a curb and went ass over teakettle.

There were several fortunate things that happened.

I had my helmet on, if not would have done major damage to my head.

I could have broken my right arm.

And I crashed right across the street from the New Bern Fire Department.

I started to get up and realized there was something major wrong, like feeling bones move. I've never had a broken bone before but it was pretty obvious what it was.

Five firefighters rush across the street with their first aid kit. Called the ambulance and off I went.

In the er by 8:30 out by 11. The bad news was my ankle is broken both the tibia and fibula and needed surgery but because of major road rash (worry about infection) and swelling they couldn't do it right then.

Was told to keep my ankle above my heart for the forseeable future.

I had the surgery on Wednesday so now I'll set the alarm off every time at the airport. Got sent home with a splint, again ankle above heart until next thursday when they put a cast on.

Another fortunate thing is when we built our house 4 years ago we built it hoping we could still be in it when we are old and maybe be handicapped by that time. So I am able to move throughout the house with relative ease.

Michael went off and got me a wheel chair so I can at least get to the bathroom. The rest of the time I've pretty much been on my back in my studio. I was supposed to be in NY this weekend and week on business. Some of my friends from galleries across the country are there and have offered to share what they find. Thank You!

I have been pleased how much work i've gotten done! I found I can lay on my back and paint pottery (good thing because I had A LOT of commissioned pieces to do), on my laptop work on our website, do bookwork, do ads etc.

I'm fortunately to have a loving, caring and handy husband and wonderful loving, caring, helpful staff at Carolina Creations!

So I'll have to be off my feet for at least a month but it can't slow me down! It will be better though when I can sit up.

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