Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentine Benefit

We are currently hanging the valentines created by school children at 25 Craven County schools!

This is the fifth year we have hosted this benefit.

This is how it works. Carolina Creations purchases cardstock and envelopes and donates them to the schools art programs. During the fall, during their regular art classes, the children create art either directly on the cardstock or art that they then apply to the cardstock.

During these classes they learn new techniques using a wide variety of mediums - like paper making, working with clay, paper cutting, monoprinting, stippling, just to name a few.

They assemble the cards and we hang them at Carolina Creations, just like a show. We then sell them to the public for $3 each then donate the $3 back to the school art programs.

This is the fifth year in a row we've done this!

It's wonderful for the kids because they can see their work in a gallery setting. For the teachers it gives them a chance to earn a little extra money for their classrooms and for Carolina Creations it give us a chance to give back to the community.

We will have many of the cards hung for this Friday's upcoming ArtWalk, Friday, January, 14 from 5-8 pm. A reception for the children (public is invited too) is Thursday, January 15 from 4-7 pm.

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