Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mismatched socks

We've been selling cotton mismatched socks for years and their popularity does not waver! All of us at Carolina Creations have at least one pair and most of us several. They wear well (I'm still wearing socks I purchased 5 years ago) and I get lots of comments on them.

Why I'm writing about them today is to fill you in on how environmentally friendly the manufacturing process is.

The socks are knit right here in North Carolina with recycled cotton yarn. Even the nylon core is made from recycled soda bottles so the socks are made with 100% recycled content.

Not only are the socks made entirely from recycled materials but nothing gets wasted. The sock seconds are used to make hats. If a sock isn't able to be made into a hat it is sent to a weaver who makes them into beautiful rugs!. Waste that can't be used by the hat maker or the weaver is donated to humane societies who stuff pillow cases with the scraps to make extra comfy pet beds for their boarders.

You can see some of the wonderful colors and patterns and purchase socks online on our website.

Check them out by clicking here!

Janet Francoeur

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