Monday, January 24, 2011

Orlando Trip

We just got back from a business trip to Orlando. Didn't have too much time to look around but did stay at a great hotel and had a little bit of fun.

We went to a show at the Orlando Convention Center, it is HUGE.

We stayed at the Hilton, it is said to be connected to the Center, and it is by a long walkway, but it's a hike.

That being said the hotel is one year old and it beautiful. The lighting, the artwork, all the appointments were outstanding. The pool area is huge, and even had one of those lazy rivers I always wanted to float on.

The weather wasn't hot but it was warm enough that we each got some sun and I got to float on that river.

The other thing we did that was a lot of fun was to go to a Greek restaurant called Taverna Opa. The food was great and they made fresh humus at your table. A belly dancer entertained, thousands of napkins flew through the air, there was dancing on the tables and half the restaurant got up and danced around the room. I don't usually like that kind of thing but I actually had a good time!

The other great thing we did was to meet some great new artists whose work I'll be posting over the next few weeks.

- Janet Francoeur
Carolina Creations

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