Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We spent the day in Downtown New Bern Painting!

We had two great days painting in Downtown New Bern! Our workshop with Mike Rooney just got over about an hour ago. It was great!

There were 13 of us in the workshop with all levels of expertise. And everyone came away with something!

We started out painting behind the projects.

Then we moved to Jack's Island in Lawson Creek Park. I have to admit I've lived in New Bern almost 20 year and I've never been out on Jack's Island. It was like being in the country and we were more or less right downtown.

Those of you that know my work know I am generally not a loose painter but it was a lot of fun and will have an influence on my work I'm sure.

We were exhausted at the end of day 1 but eagerly came back this morning.

Today we spent the day at the Sheraton.

You know I live right around the corner from the Sheraton and I have a fabulous view but as I sat there today I wondered why I don't go there more often. It is so scenic! And it was fabulous painting (or trying to) paint the boats.
Boats are one of Mike's favorite things to paint.

We then had lunch on the deck at the Sheraton.
The food was beautifully served and delicious.
They will be serving lunch on the deck every day.
While I was there I ran into Owen and he showed me the new dining room and bar. The bar opens tonight and the new restaurant next week.
Have you ever been to Jazz on the Trent on Sunday afternoons? The schedule is listed on our website on the Downtown New Bern Page. Here's the link

There is also the Cabana Parties on Friday nights. We never get to those because we're open late on Fridays but we've heard it's a lot of fun.
After we finished for the day we went to Carolina Creations and sat outside in James Reed Lane and had a critique.

We all found good things in our paintings and what could use some improvement. It's how we all become better painters.
We always have some of Mike's paintings in our gallery.

You can see some of them our website by following this link

We will certainly do this again!
Thanks to all who participated.

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