Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Smoke & Fire II - Meet Bruce Johnson

My passion for pottery began in 1983 when I began my study of Ceramic Art in North Carolina.

Upon graduation, I returned to Wisconsin to accept a position with one of the nation’s largest producers of handmade pottery. During my 10 years of experience there, I refined my throwing skills and was given the title Master Potter, of which I am honored.

Today I draw from these experiences to design and create Decorative Ceramic Art. The spontaneity of the American Style Raku process allows for the combination of fire, clay and air.

Raku represents my desire to provide an interactive and meaningful part in others’ lives. The success of this technique is based as much on my intuition as it is on science. . . and since the coloration and patterns come from the action of the flames, no two Raku pots will ever be alike!

Copper Flash” Raku is created by applying a “copper matt” glaze to the bisque-fired clay. Each glazed piece is returned to the kiln until the proper temperature is reached. One by one, each pot is removed from the kiln with tongs and immediately submerged in a container filled with combustible materials (such as sawdust and/or shredded paper.)

The materials ignite, and something magical occurs. As the flames lick up against the pots, they react with the copper matt glaze, producing colors that are nearly impossible to achieve with standard glazes. The process is ended by putting a lid over the container at the proper time to extinguish the flames.

See Bruce's work and that of many other artists at Carolina Creations, 317 Pollock Street, New Bern, NC 28560 - Join us Friday, May 9 5-8 for ArtWalk!

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