Saturday, May 10, 2008

ArtWalk Success & Mother's Day

Last nights ArtWalk was fun with lots of people on the street. Many folks that had tickets to the Gathering in the Garden at the Palace came down afterwards. At Carolina Creations our show "Smoke & Fire II" will run through the end of June. The show will evolve as we sell pieces out of it we will add new ones.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day! We still have cards for her & we'll be open tomorrow from 12-4.

We know it's a challenge parking sometimes, if you call before you come - 633-4369 - we'll park your car for you & go get it when you're ready to leave. Valet parking, just like in the big city!

Off to another exciting day at Carolina Creations!

This is going to be a hectic and fun week. My sister Betsey is visiting from Michigan for the first time ever (we've lived here 20 years) and we're sponsoring a 2 day painting workshop with Mike Rooney on Tuesday & Wednesday. I'll post some photos of the workshop next week.

We just saw a bunch of Corvettes, a jag & another old car go by the house headed to Union Point. They're having a car show there this morning I think.

I love seeing how much Union Point gets used, even with the bridge out.

This is a print I did not too long ago
Union Point, New Bern, NC

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