Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ashley Benton Ceramics

These cool tiny pots are 3" tall, each hand sculpted and glazed.

Ashley is originally from Newport,NC and currently lives on the western slope in Colorado.

Ashley’s work is sensitive, serene, sometimes precarious and a bit surreal.  

Through line, form and space she investigates the figure beyond traditional rendering.  The work seeks to capture the essence, emotion or feeling of the subject / object. “I want  to visually articulate what is around us all the time but we do not see or notice until we are reminded.” The paintings are that visual reminder and connection back to the self. The work often emphasizes the unreachable. Something that can not be captured or held like stories, metaphors and memories in a permanent state. Making art  for  Ashley is the attempt to make the fleeting more permanent knowing all the while it is not possible making the challenge the process by which she can keep going.

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