Sunday, February 09, 2014

31 Days of Thanks Day 16 Judy Brown

31 Days of Thanks Insight into who has influenced us, our art, and our business throughout the years.

One day in about 1991, this lady strolled in, asked me lots of questions and introduced herself as an artist.

It turns out she was multi talented, working in many, many mediums. Wood sculpture, clay, painting, drawing, furniture building, and on and on. A woman that can dry wall, do plumbing, and remodel too!

As I said before in school they preached pick a medium and stick with it. I had already starting adding some colors to my ink drawings but Judy really inspired me to branch out.

Now, 23 years later I too work in many different mediums too, ink, watercolor, oil, acrylic, clay and I will say it is a lot more interesting!  Each medium has it's place, depending on what the subject matter is or what I'm going to do with the piece.

I credit Judy with inspiring me to broaden my horizons.

Here is a little of Judy's work.

- Jan Francoeur

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