Saturday, July 06, 2013

Seven Days of Recycled Art at Carolina Creations

This week on our Facebook page I posted seven different artists that create art from recycled materials.

Day 1
Jay Jewelry - Light weight, recycled aluminum jewelry, contemporary designs, made in North Carolina. What a great use for your aluminum cans!  As each piece is handmade, sizes will vary slightly. Recycled beer and soda cans!  See more!

Day 2
Keith Lewis Jewelry - Keith's earrings are super lightweight. Made from recycled water bottles. To purchase.

Day 3
Computer Clocks - See more. hese clocks are handcrafted using computer technology, much of it surplus or old components.  Each clock offers a whimsical view of our rapidly changing technology, preserving it as functional art rather than landfill. 

Scratches and imperfections are inherent to the recycled and scrap nature of the materials; they have been incorporated into the overall design of each clock.  No two are ever exactly alike!

Day 4 Yardbirds - Decorative and functional animal sculptures made from recycled metal. These unique and whimsical creatures for the garden and home are full of personality! If left outside, these hand-crafted art pieces will rust to a beautiful natural finish.

Day 5  Windchimes -
Colorful glass wind chimes, made from recycled glass bottles that are cut and fused in a kiln. The circles come from the center part of a wine bottle. Each chime is hung on a kiln dried maple top with woven fishing line used to hang the circles. 8'' x 18'' x 1'', due to the recycled nature each is slightly different but will be these colors! See more.
Day 6
Rewind Candles - Hand poured soy candles in recycled wine bottles. Made in the Carolinas. Several young men were working at a restaurant and were disturbed by how many bottles went to the landfill every day. They started taking them home, cutting them, and making candles they then sold in the restaurant. Everyone that saw them wanted them! After much encouragement they started selling to other shops, and now to Carolina Creations.

Day 7 Socks - The ultimate in recycling - start with fabric made from scraps left over from tshirt manufacturing, spin it into yarn, knit the socks, use the leftovers for hats, scarves, use those leftovers for rag rugs, then stuffing pillows - waste, zero. Made from North Carolina cotton

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