Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New potter for us Hamilton Williams

We are always looking for new artists and we are pleased to have met Hamilton Williams. We love his work and he is a pleasure to work with.

Hamilton began working in clay at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro under the guidance of Japanese potter, Setsuya Kotani. After graduating with a BFA in Design in 1994, he moved to western North Carolina and set up his studio.
The desire to create came early in his life. Growing up, watched PBS shows such as 'This Old House' and 'Victory Garden' on Saturday afternoons. One show that captured his imagination was 'The Woodwright's Shop.' Watching the host, Roy Underhill, seemingly wander out of a city to a secluded forest workshop where he would render a tree into a table, chair, or lathe in the course of a half hour show demonstrated to him that fostering the creative spirit is a good thing and that one does not have to follow the herd. As time went on it was the medium of clay that called to Hamilton the strongest, and once he got my hands dirty he was seduced by its malleability and potential.

As an artist and craftsman, Hamilton is most concerned about the quality of his work, both the quality of design and the quality of workmanship. All of his work leans toward the functional, with decorative qualities that do not interfere with function. Even pieces that are intended as decorative are usually still utilitarian.

Stop in and check his work out!

Welcome Hamilton!

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