Monday, July 22, 2013

Lesley Mckeown Jewelry now at Carolina Creations

All pieces are hand-fabricated by Lesley in her studio.

Her Artifacts Collection consists of original designs hand drawn on bronze, copper and German silver, then etched. Construction is either soldered or cold connected (riveted). The pieces are then hand finished to give a soft antique look.

Leslie's father created studio art jewelry during the modern jewelry art movement of the 1960's and Lesley uses his jewelry bench today.

Her mother is an nationally recognized sculptor and jeweler. It was this nurturing environment that enabled her to recognize her intuitive abilities and eventually express those creative proclivities and develop the skills to be a successful professional artist. Acquiring basic metal smithing skills as
an apprentice with a southwestern silversmith she became smitten with the silver and the sculptural possibilities of metal.

Though primarily self- taught, Lesley has attended several classes and acquired various techniques through private and master class instruction.

Her techniques include fabrication, hollow form, shell form, anit-clastic and synclastic raising, mokume gane, keumboo, etching, roller printing, sand casting and a variety of texture and coloration techniques. An abiding interest in Geology is a the core of many of Lesley's creations, the unique and unusual cabochons are a signature of her work.

Continually exploring new methods of manipulating metal, Lesley also works in steel and has been commissioned for several architectural projects.

In her spare time she is an avid organic gardener, painter, environmental advocate and cook.

She a board member of a local non-profit organization involved with educating her community about
genetically modified foods.

To read more about each piece go to our website by clicking here.


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