Sunday, July 14, 2013

New artist at Carolina Creations Fused glass by Stephen Palmer

Stephen was born in Berkeley, California and raised  by a poet and a painter. It was in his blood to become an artist. One of his earliest memories is his mother painting by the ocean, using their car as an easel. His family moved across the country as his dad, a librarian, went from one college to
  another. Illinois, Ohio and finally Michigan.
Along the way Stephen earned his BA, MA and Ed.D. and met his wife, Raenette. Together they established their studio where they happily spend their days creating art.

Pottery, batik, photography, and glass are Stephens passion, but most of his adult life he's worked in glass. Then two years ago Stephen branched off into mixed media sculpture. His fish begin with vintage crutches, paddles or boxes and are filled with found objects. Then they are wired and named.
These are on their way and will show up in another blog post!

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