Sunday, July 28, 2013

Celebrating North Carolina Artists Part 1 of many

We represent so many talented North Carolina artists it is hard to know where to start!

We are going to introduce you to five artists at a time. As you will see we represent a wide range of styles and mediums!


Justine creates whimsical work using white earthenware. Each piece is hand sculpted, fired, glazed with under glazes then fired again. Her subject matter runs from Prayer Angels, Mermaids and Crabs to Nativities just to scratch the surface. Here's a link to more of her work.

                                                                   Vicki Grant

I'll have to say we have a real affinity for clay, probably because we are potters ourselves. Vicki Grant works with porcelain, to which she adds found objects, the color is added with water soluble oil paints. Vicki throws, does hand-building, and tile making. Visit her page on our website to see more by clicking here.

Holden McCurry

North Carolina ceramicist Holden McCurry began making clay prayer towers and shrines after a trip to Mexico a decade ago. He was inspired by the colorful and creative forms found in the local artwork and architecture.

The inside of each tower holds a piece of paper on which you can write a message or prayer, giving each piece your own special meaning. Check them all out on our website.

Dan Nelson and Mike Rooney

The top painting is by Dan Nelson. It is quite a sight to watch Dan paint. He loves to paint really big, with both hands, as talking to the audience. Working in acrylics and oils, his paintings always have a lot of atmosphere. Dan sometimes comes to New Bern and conducts workshops for us. To get on our list for an upcoming workshop send us a note by commenting at the bottom of this post, include your email address (we will not post your email address I promise!)
To see more of his work click here.

The bottom painting is by our friend Mike Rooney. Mike has spent the past few years traveling from the Florida Keys to Cape Cod, painting and teaching workshops. We always love the light in his oil paintings. Mike prefers to work on a small scale. The majority of his paintings run 8 x 10 to 11 x 14 (image size). The subject matter is close to our hearts, our beautiful downtown and coastal scenes.
More of Mikes paintings.

Watch in the weeks ahead for posts about more of our North Carolina artists!

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