Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sarena Mann Flying Ladies

Last weekend we got a chance to see Sarena and her friend Susan and their beautiful flying ladies.

We LOVE the flying ladies!

These fun and spirit fill flying women are whimsical and colorful and move about in the slightest breeze. In the evening they cast shadows and continue their dance. Every lady that comes to Carolina Creations is different. Different poses, dresses, colors and attitudes.

We have customers that add to their collection every year. Where do they hang them?

One friend has a collection hanging from her chandelier, another near her bed from the ceiling and I have mine hanging near my desk in my office. Sometimes when I'm sick of doing paper work I look at her and think about flying away with her and her kite!

Made from paper mache and fabric these figures always intrigue me!

If you want to see more of them you can visit our website by clicking here.

Janet Francoeur
Carolina Creations

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