Friday, June 04, 2010

Celebration Pottery by Janet and Michael Francoeur

This has been a very busy pottery making season for Michael and I!

Here are some of our latest pieces.

Sorry these photos aren't up to my usual, I'll try and get them reshot later today.

I do tiles of houses and public buildings, this is Centenary United Methodist Church. This tile is going to go in a jewelry box for a wedding, sometimes I put the peoples name on the tile as well.
We work with white earthenware. Michael throws the bowls, pansy rings and platters.

I make the flat things, tiles, crosses, and wallhangings. We fire them to 2000 degrees. Then I decorate them with underglazes, put on a clear glaze, then fire it again to 1900 degrees.

All pieces are, of course, food safe. Also microwavable and dishwasher safe.

One thing people like is the fact that I decorate both inside and out.

Since we live in the buckle of the Bible belt we sell a lot of crosses. An interesting note is that we live in a small southern town and we also sell a lot of Judaica.

It seems this year we have been doing more custom work than ever!

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