Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Just back from meeting with some of our artists

Last weekend we went to Las Vegas for a couple shows where we meet with some of our artists. It was 114 degrees!

Not only did we meet up with some of the artists whose work we've carried for many years, like Robert Rickard, Trudi and Eric Cooper, Mikutowski, Rebecca and Dean Derby, Justin Berg, Susanne Lorraine, Sticks and others but also some of our new artists like Sue Savage, whose work we just received.

We met some great new artists whose work we're looking forward to getting in like Shawn Tsai, glass artist; Charlotte Behrens, glass; Michele Smith, clay fan pulls; Callie Seymour fine silver jewelry just to name a few. We'll have a lot of exciting new work for later in the summer and fall.

While there, I sat on a panel about social networking, as well as led a discussion on blogging!

It was a very short trip. We left at 5:30 am on Saturday and came home Monday at 10:55 on the red eye. Don't think we'll do that again! We should have had another day.

The only thing we did other than work was to go to the botanical garden at Bellagio.

You can't really tell but the red and yellow flowers are about 5' across and are made of glass or fiberglass. At any rate they are beautiful.

Now back to work! I'm working on new paintings for my upcoming show with Carol Tokarski.

- Janet Francoeur

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