Saturday, June 05, 2010

Matthew Seasholtz Master Glassblower

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Seasholtz early this year.  We have just received some fabulous pieces from him!

A little back ground -

Matt went to school at Lehigh University, then went to work at the studio of Joel Bless (who was one of the first glass artists we represented). Joel's studio, Glasslight, produces high-end hand blown glass lighting.

There Matt became a senior gaffer, product designer, and taught glassblowing.

In the late 80s he started designing his own work and in the 90s began exhibiting on his own. Matt left Glasslight late in 2003 and built his own studio.

Matt has always tried to create work using simple and clean lines. Matt’s Optic Flower bowls and Bottle series are examples of this approach. The bowls used transparent colors and the optic mold to create forms that give the appearance of blooms.

Matt say of his work "I try to create elegant objects with simplicity being the centerpiece of my design philosophy."

His pieces are just exquisite! If you can't get in click here to see more of his pieces.

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