Sunday, December 20, 2015

Twas the week of Christmas

Twas the week of Christmas and all through our Downtown
not a shopper was unhappy with not even a frown.
The light posts were wrapped bringing light and good cheer,
to entice folks to shop, eat, and stop for a beer.
Bear Plaza is a winter wonderland filled with trees and deer,
Where kids and adults line up with wishes for Santa to hear.
The store owners are wrapping, restocking and
smiling from ear to ear,
As the shoppers mill, chose gifts and say
we are glad you are here!
We make a special trip to New Bern each year,
to visit family, friends and Carolina Creations which we hold dear.
To find that special gift that we can only find here.
For twenty five years our family has said
they look for that special paper which shows we’ve been near.
And the words "I love it” are said,
even before the paper has been shed.
So we love the fact that Carolina Creations has become
That special place where dreams come from!
Merry Christmas!!
Open this week
Mon-Wed until 8 pm
Christmas Eve until 6.
Open regular hours starting December 26.

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