Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The changes we have seen

So much has changed in New Bern since we arrived in May of 1989!

When we left Aspen we spent time in the Florida Keys. While there we talked to people saying we were looking for a new place to live on the water, where we didn't have snow on the ground 8 months out of the year like Aspen, and a place that was on its way but hadn't gotten there yet.

A fellow from Currituck said we needed to look at New Bern.

So we came to look and here we are 26 years later!

When we arrived our airport looked like a bus depot.

We had 2 swing span bridges, both of which have been replaced.

We had no convention center.

There were empty stores, most 2nd floors were empty, electric lines running from pole to pole.

Where our house is now was a dead gas station.

There was the empty shell of a Holiday Inn.

The marina at the Bridgepointe Hote had just opened.

There was no history Center.

Union point had a tank farm adjacent.

Where James Reed Lane is with the fountain was a creepy pool hall.

There was a dime store where the Baptist Church park is.

The Downtown Post Office was in the Federal Building.

There was no traffic circle.

We could see the potential, and now it's a reality!

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