Saturday, December 05, 2015

Slow Blogging 1

Even though we have a lot to talk about it's a tough time of the year to have the time to do it!

We've been super busy at the gallery. 

Wrapping and shipping like crazy, we haven't even had the time to go out and take photos of all the decorations like we like to do, but we'll get it done!

By this time of the year we usually are done getting new things in but we have gotten a few


fish from the Crain's

Crain Art Studio is a family affair consisting of three generations of women: Cathy (Mom), Carie (Daughter) & Sharae Crain (Granddaughter). 

After retiring from a life involved in advertising, jewelry design and fashion, Cathy moved back to Texas to be near the rest of her family. On a whim, she decided to take a ceramics class at the local community college and loved it! In fact, she enjoyed it so much she encouraged Carie, who had been her partner in fashion and jewelry design, to take the class as well. After a few years of working and creating in their individual studios, Crain Art Studio was born. Eventually, Sharae got the bug and joined the band wagon of women in the family who are basically self-taught working and creating with clay. 

Their work reflects their love of animals and a fascination with color and texture.

We probably won't get these on the website until after Christmas - and maybe they will all be gone by then!!

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