Saturday, July 18, 2015

On the Road 4

We just returned from a whirlwind tour picking up glass and pottery.....

We left Georgia and headed into North Carolina. 

Stopped in Dillsboro, walked into a shop and talked to a potter, after a while he introduced himself and so did I. He said Tony Holman (a potter from Texas) was talking about you (meaning me) the other day!! Small world.

The gps took us to a campground address that was a dead end. So glad our rv was not any longer than it was because there was little room to turn around and I wasn't going to back out onto a four lane road.

I asked Michael to get out to help, just so I wouldn't get stuck. As he went to get into the car I said go back and look over there...

There was a loaded raspberry bush!

He likes to tell a story about when we were living in Colorado and driving on an old railroad bed. We stopped to take a photo and I disappeared. When he found me I was eating the raspberries as fast as I could.

We ended up at the Creekwood Farm Campground near Maggie Valley. It is very well maintained and very nice. Probably the cleanest, neatest, campground we've ever been in.

The reason we went to Asheville was to go to the Highland Craftsmen Guild Show to meet up with some of our artists.

We placed some orders then took the Blue Ridge Parkway north.

Always like to stop at Little Switzerland....

 We stopped for dinner in Blowing Rock, my favorite part of the city is the flowers. The garden club is responsible for them.

Then camped beside this beautiful stream before our last stop, picking up the one of a kind pieces from Annette Libby.

It was a great trip.

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