Sunday, July 12, 2015

On The Road 2

After we left Paul we spent the night at the Watson Mill Bridge State Park.

It is the oldest covered bridge in Georgia, near the remains of the Watson Mill.

The campsites were nice.

I would have given anything to go into the water and slide down these rocks!  Paul said a lot of people get hurt on them because they are slippery, I can't afford to break anything so just watched others enjoy it.

Next we picked up pieces from Loretta Eby, another long time glassblower at Carolina Creations. It just so happens that she has been renting studio space for the past 25 years from some new potters we will now carry.

We'll have some of these large hanging ornaments at Carolina Creations.

The new potters are Jerry and Kathy Chappelle, more about them once we get a chance to take photos of some of their work.

On The Road 3  ....   North Georgia

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