Sunday, January 12, 2014

31 Days of Thanks Day 12 Our Arrival

31 Days of Thanks Insight into who has influenced us, our art, and our business throughout the years.

So following the advice of Fred from Currituck we came to New Bern and it wasn't too long before we fell in love.

The people were so nice and it is such a beautiful city!

Within a few days Michael found a job. The the wife of the guy Michael went to work for took me under her wing and gave me an opportunity to show my work in her interior design shop.

After a few months of living in our motor home we purchased a boat and moved onto it.

The first drawing I did of New Bern was out the window of our boat at the Ramada (now Bridgepointe). The marina was new and we were the 2nd boat there!

I showed my work at the New Bern Craven County Library.

The pieces in that show were mostly ink drawings of birds with just the bird being in color. What happened is I had worked so long in black and white I didn't really know how to mix color. So this was a way I could start painting again.

Why paint now?

I remember driving to Colorado and thinking, everything is so brown. After a few years there I grew to love it but being in the Keys with all the beautiful flowers and water, I just wanted to paint. Just didn't remember how.

The other thing is we arrived in New Bern at the end of May, after the spring blooms were gone. The following spring I was totally blown away when the wisteria, azaelas, dogwood, etc started blooming. I had never seen anything like it - now I REALLY needed to start working in color again!!

Thank you Jeff and Jenny and New Bern-Craven County Library!

- Jan Francoeur

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