Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hand cast pewter

We have the fortune to represent many artists that work in pewter. and we have some great pieces! Some of my favorites are boxes by Don Drumm.

These tiny treasures make a fabulous keepsake.

Since our local theatre has just completed their production of "The Nutcracker" we thought it was only fitting to include this wonderful set of ornaments in our collection.

The set is created by Vilmain and is beautifully boxed.


We have just discovered House of Morgan Pewter. Kent Morgan was born in New Bern but currently lives in Mount Airy with his wife Martha. They began working in pewter after a 1978 visit to Colonial Williamsburg.


Kent a former accountant and Martha a former teacher have been making their pewter pieces full time for the past ten years.

We see Patrick Meyer several times each year and he always has something new that is really fabulous.
Patrick made his debut in 1985 as a metalsmith and jewelry designer. Having completed his studies in art and design at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Pas, he joined the world of Parisian high fashion. He relocated to the US in the mid 90s and specializes in functional and decorative cast pewter for the home.

These are just a few of our pewter artists. We also carry the work of Kaycee Binns, The Chapmans, Bonnie Bond and John Caraberi, Cynthia Webb and Mary DeMarco - we'll show you photos of their work in our next blog entry.

- Janet Francoeur

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