Wednesday, December 08, 2010

DYNOMIGHTY Mighty Wallet

I was introduced to the mighty wallet in NYC two years ago when I met Terrence Kelleman who is its creator. A young enthuastic Terrence got his idea for the mighty wallet while working at MOMA.

These wallets are made of Tyvek which is the very strong material Fed Ex envelopes are made of. They're very lightweight and it’s impossible to damage them, since they stretch to handle whatever you’re carrying around because they are folded like oragami not stitched!
Designs range from the NYC Subway Map to a shot of the Brady Bunch, Star Trek, an AirMail envelope and lots more.

Other treats created by Dynomighty  include cute, durable luggage tags and big totes that holds up to 25 lbs.
You can order online by clicking here.

Very cool, Jan Francoeur

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