Thursday, July 15, 2010

Plein Air Painting with Brenda Behr

My friend Brenda and I painted "en plein air" the other day. It's been a toasty humid summer so far but we managed to find some shade to paint in.

Like me, Brenda paints in watercolors and oils, even acrylics at times as well.

We both love and use different mediums, it just depends on the subject we're painting, the size and what we want to do with the piece when we're done.

We've got many pieces of Brenda's work in our gallery. Click here to see some pieces on our website.

I'm used to painting in my studio, it's quite different than painting on the street.  When painting en plain air the light changes constantly, people come up and talk to you, it's hot, the bugs bite, you forget something back in your studio,  etc.

When painting in your studio from photos you miss the nuances of color, you don't see behind and around things but it's quiet and cool and you can even paint in your robe. There is something to be said for both venues.

The ultimate was today when I looked out my window to do a painting looking up Pollock Street. I was painting "en plein air-conditioning!"

Jan Francoeur


  1. Hey Janet, I had no idea you posted this. Thanks for the mention! I've missed you, and shopping your great craft selections. Hope I can get over to see your show this month. Can I pull you away to paint plein air in the next two weeks?

  2. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I am a dear friend of Brenda - from our days in Minneapolis...She and I were part of a dinner group where we took turns to cook for each other! Such fun we had! The only "rule" was to prepare something we've never done before.
    As for Brenda's art I am entralled with her work!I am so thrilled to see her art and read her writings. She's a great writer.
    So, here I am in Phoenix...would love to have Brenda come (in the winter or spring) to visit and see her create some beautiful desert art!
    Judith Reeves