Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busmans Holiday

I'm always looking forward to getting out of town. We love our home, we love our gallery, we love our work but we get inspiration from seeing different things. Our vacations are often (mostly) business trips with a day or two tacked on for ourselves.

The only thing is on those extra days we end up going to art galleries, visiting artist friends and sharing stories about business, techniques, trends and what's going on with shows etc.

The good news is we love what we do. Sometimes we talk about retiring (it's not going to happen any time soon!) but what would we do? Still make pots and paintings, still visit galleries, still talk about art.

It IS pretty neat to make a living doing what you would still do even if you were retired.

In the past 3 days we visited no less than 12 galleries, met with 7 artists we know, met 5 NEW artists, 3 of which we will have in our gallery soon, and spent one night with our potter/friend Hank Goodman and his wife Vicki.

Hank is a fabulous cook and his pots show it. When we have special events in our gallery we always use Hanks pots to serve the food in. Because he cooks he knows how to make pieces that enhance the presentation.

One thing he made was grilled peaches. Oh my!

We have a great selection of his work in our gallery! Check it out.

Janet Francoeur

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