Thursday, July 01, 2010

Carol Tokarski

My friend Carol Tokarski and I are doing a show together at Carolina Creations which opens next Friday, July 9, during ArtWalk from 5-8 pm. It runs through the end of August.

Carol and I went to the same small college in southern Michigan, Siena Heights University in Adrian. Carol grew up near Three Rivers where coincidentally, my father and other relatives lived. Three Rivers is on the other side of the state from where Siena Heights is and I grew up.

We were at Siena Heights at the same time but didn't really know each other. We had the same professors.

When we arrived in New Bern in May of 1989 I went into the Arts Council and picked up a newsletter. In the newsletter was an article welcoming their new gallery director, Carol Tokarski, Siena graduate.

I called her up and said "i'm not big into this alumni thing but I went to Siena too" In her usual manner she was a little wary of me but we met, became good friends and have had many adventures through the years!

She has worked in the field of Arts Administration since leaving Siena Heights and has been the Director of the Craven Arts Council for the past 5 years.

Carol grew up on a farm and that's where her heart still lies. For our show she's painted colorful chickens and roosters.

Stop in and see them!

-  Jan Francoeur

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