Wednesday, April 15, 2009

View from the porch - Tea Party Day

Today was tea party day.

"On April 15, be part of the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party rally in your community

On the day you pay your taxes, Wednesday, April 15, join others across the country and in your hometown who will be participating in TAX Day TEA party rallies in front of their city halls."

Tea Party

I was speaking on the phone to a friend in Florida and saw the police pull up and stop traffic. I wondered what was going on .

Then I saw the first of the marchers, I was impressed by the number of people marching, I said "There must be 100 people marching." We continued to talk and I said, "There must be 1000 people marching!"

Someone said to me the other day that it must be a real pain and intrusion to live on a street where festivals, parades and other disruptions take place. Not so, we LOVE it.

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