Monday, April 27, 2009

Finally!! Sculpture installed

I've been talking about this sculpture for a year!

I started it last year and those that came on the home tour saw it in progress. It took quite a while to dry because in some place it's 5 inches deep.

The reason I'm talking about it so much is that I am pretty much a 2d person, painting, tile making, you know, flat. But the past few years I've really had this urge to do sculpture. I've done some in the past, like my church tower clocks, but never had the time to really pursue it. I still don't really have the time but this year I got off a couple boards and made a resolution to spend more time creating.

As usual I come up with these ideas and Michael gets to figure out the logistics of finishing them. Thanks Michael!

I've got some garden sculpture "ladies" in the kiln I want to get finished for our upcoming show "The Glorious Garden." One is in the kiln as we speak. Guess I better hurry since the show opens in 10 days.

1 comment:

  1. Love this, Janet!!!! Beautiful.
    The process looks like it was great fun and interesting watching the final piece come to life.