Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Carolina Creations has "green". This year more than ever we've been thinking about recycling and using renewable resources. Here are some of our artists that use recycled materials.

Socks - Everyone at Carolina Creations wears these socks! Using yarn made from scraps left over from making cotton t-shirts they are not only good for the environment they're great for your feet.

Originally, we started our business making several different lines of jewelry - Copper Jewelry, Riverstone Jewelry (now revisited in our Soulstone line), as well as Seaglass.

The original Seaglass was a gift from a friend who collected it in the Bahamas. At that time we were living over a liquor store. People would discard broken bottles in the alley behind the store. It was gross! As we cleaned up the alley for safety reasons we realized we could recycle the glass and make Seaglass in our studio out of the pollution. We have expanded and now use scrap glass, antique glass and art glass for added colors.

Boy it's hard to be green when you use metal! Mining is one of the harshest things we do to the planet. Knowing this, we must work hard in other areas to compensate for what we call our "Eco Footprint." White Light uses Harmony metal, which is recycled, not mined metal. That's less wear and tear on our earth.

We just got these clever folding baskets in that fold flat. They are made from recycled chopsticks (cleaned and sanitized of course!).
Available in 4 sizes
from $8 to $27.
This is the product that chopsticks were meant to make. These amazing folding bowls are great!! Opened they can be used to hold fruits and vegetables, bread, nuts, household items, etc. They can even be used to wash fruits and veggies or as a colander. When not in use they fold up into the size of a fan. Because they fold up they are not only great for home and office, but are also great for camping and picnics. You will LOVE these!

This is just a sampling of the recycled and green art we have!

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