Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Upcoming Travels, art in progress and Facebook

As I said before this is the time of year we travel to shows to find new art and interesting pieces for the gallery. Last week we were in NYC and had a great time and found a lot of new things and met new artists. We'll soon be off to Philadelphia then Baltimore then a real vacation on a boat with friends off of Bimini.

Between now and then I'm working on tiles of the homes that will be on the spring home and garden tour and I've just finished this new waterfront painting in watercolor, (for more info or to purchase print go to our website by clicking here), just in time for the upcoming ArtWalk, the first of the year March 13.

I was so excited about Susanna Hellers painting I saw in NYC (it's the last painting in that blog entry) that it has inspired me to do something a little different for me in a multi panel painting. Before I saw it all my multi panel paintings would be on panels that would all be the same size, not any more. This painting probably won't be finished for some time but I'll post its progress here. Don't be surprised if it's a little more abstract than you're used to and it won't be as long as Susanna's! Or as good I'm sure.

We are now on Facebook Carolina Creations!

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