Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back from Philly - our picks

We just got back from Philly where we go twice a year to a great show where we meet new artists, see some whose work we've been carrying and connect with our friends who have galleries across the country.

As the new work comes in I'll post it here, but for now I'll write about what we love about Philly OTHER than the art we go to see.

The show we go to is at the Convention Center and is not open to the public, there are lots of hotels within a couple blocks and we've stayed at many -

Loew's (beautiful rooms, great restaurant, medium sized rooms, you pay for everything extra, they do have a pool but you have to pay to use it), $159

Marriott (nice rooms but small, connected to the Convention Center, you pay for everything extra), $149

Holiday Inn Express (ok, clean, not fancy, pool, good breakfast included). $120

But our favorite is the Residence Inn. It is right across the street from City Hall, 2 blocks from the convention center, the rooms are BEAUTIFUL, recently redone, and you have a small kitchen, living room & bedroom, free internet, free very extensive breakfast and Mon-Thurs nights they even include a limited dinner like lasagna, pizza or something similar. Our queen sized bed had 8 pillows on it! Residence Inn. The photo of City Hall was taken from our window. We paid $149 through our trade show people.

Of course you can't go to Philadelphia without eating great food. Some of our favorites within a few blocks of the Convention Center are (of course) the Reading Terminal Market, and in there is our VERY favorite is the Dutch Eating Place. We each have our favorite dish there and Michael always has to have an apple dumpling.

Other great places we like to go, a little french restaurant Caribou Cafe, and Moriarty's Pub, and there is one right around the corner from the convention center Ly Michaels, they have FABULOUS lemon grass soup and ahi tuna.

So we're home now and getting ready for the next ArtWalk which will be Friday, March 13. I've got paintings, tiles and lots of things to do for it.

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