Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Traveling Carolina Creations Bag!

As you know our bags "Travel the World!" We met some nice folks in May when they were in New Bern for a visit. We LOVE it when we hear from visitors after they get home. I received this email and photo this morning.

Hi Folks

We toured North Carolina during the first half of May and were delighted to visit your store during our stay in New Bern. We bought a couple of pictures and were presented with a bag and informed of our duty!

Thus please find attached a photo of my wife, Jacky with Mont Orgeuil (Gorey) Castle in the background. This is on the island of Jersey, Channel Islands where we have had our home for the past 27 years.

The Islands are a Crown Dependency and part of Great Britain, but they are not part of the United Kingdom and Jersey has its own government. Jersey is about 80 miles south of England and 14 miles west of France.

Best wishes

Barry E Hobson

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