Thursday, June 05, 2008

Celebration! Pottery

Yesterday I went to Snow Hill for the kickoff for "Homegrown, Handmade, Art Trails of North Carolina", which I talked about a couple posts ago. We were invited to set up a display so I took some of the pottery Michael and I make which we call "Celebration! Pottery". It dawned on me when I got home that maybe you don't know all the different clay pieces we do so that's what todays blog is about.

We do all kinds of custom pieces which people like for weddings, anniversaries, births, etc. I also do backsplashes.

Here is one I just finished for a home.

I do wall hangings, some scenes are better suited to this format than others, this one is about 8" x 22".

This one is about 3 x 8" and is great to add a date & names for a wedding.

One of our most popular items is bowls which I can use whatever colors you wish and I can add names & dates too. We also do plates, utensil holders, and vases.

I do tiles of churches and can do your home too.

It's a lot of fun and from the feed back we get (and how many we sell) people really like it!

If you have a project you'd like us to do just email or give us a call 252-633-4369.

Have a great day!

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