Sunday, April 20, 2008

Life After Home Tour

It's always amazing to me how fast time goes! We've spent this week getting caught up after spending the past few months finishing our home so it would be ready for people to tour, and so we could finally say our new house is finished! Well almost.....

I still need to do the back splash, which I'll be starting on shortly, we have lights for above the bar being made, they'll look something like this.

I've got tiles to make for the windows in the entryway. And then there is the wall sculpture I've shown you photos of in previous posts.
The wall sculpture made it through the bisque fire, I'll post a photo of it tomorrow. Also the bird on the pole sculpture made it as well. This weeks project is to figure out how to glaze them both.

We just got this beautiful bench with storage in from Sticks. And their clocks make memorable wedding gifts. We've got 3 to choose from.

Every day now we are getting in new work from our wonderful artist friends.

We've got cute ECU, UNC, & other college goblets, hand painted in Greenville. They make a great college graduation gift.

T Rader just brought in this beautiful seascape oil painting.

And raku is starting to arrive for the raku show which is coming up in May.

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