Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sally Anger mural piece at Carolina Creations

Local artist Sally Anger just brought her sketch (if you can call a piece 6 x 5 feet a sketch) of a mural she painted in France.

Les Halles Acrylics / Mixed Collage
It is fabulous!

Each year the Beaufort (NC) Sister Cities sponsor a mural competition in Beaufort. The winner's prize is a trip to France to paint a larger (8 x 10 foot) mural in Beaufort-en-Vallee France. Sally was fortunate enough to get to go to France this year.

The theme of the contest in France was to paint a mural based upon the beautifully restored building, called Les Halles, in which an indoor market had been held since the 1800s.

The medieval writing is from one of the financial people who worked for the queen Jeanne de Laval. Sally chose this because Les Halles are located on Place Jeanne de Laval and the market (for which Les Halles were later built) began there in the Middle Ages.

The portrait is of the french actress Sarah Bernhardt. She chose her as a symbol of the entertainment they have at Les Halles. Also she was born about the same time that Les Halles were built.

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